Graduated in May 2015 from the MS Nutrition program at Hunter College, School of Public Health.

ACEND Core KnowledgeCourse(s)Assignment(s)
KRD 2.1 The curriculum must include opportunities to develop a variety of communication skills sufficient for entry into pre-professional practice. (Tip: Students must be able to demonstrate effective and professional oral and written communication and documentation.)NUTR 731 & 732 - Advanced Nutrition Lecture & LabThe Hypolipidemic Effect of d-Limonene in Young Adults
KRD 3.2 The curriculum must include the role of environment, food, nutrition and lifestyle choices in health promotion and disease prevention. (Tip: Students must be able to develop interventions to affect and enhance wellness in diverse individuals and groups.)NUTR 747: Advanced Nutrition Lab

NUTR 720 - Community Nutrition Education
NIH Grant Proposal: The Hypolipidemic Effect of Limonene in Young Adults"

Stakeholder Interview

Cultural Competency
KRD 3.3 The curriculum must include education and behavior change theories and techniques. (Tip: Students must be able to develop an educational session or program/educational strategy for a target population.) NUTR 720 - Community Nutrition

NUTR 760 - Nutrition Practicum
Improving Sleep in College Age Students

Improving Adolescent Engagement in City Harvest Nutrition Education Courses
KRD 3.1 The curriculum must reflect the principles of Medical Nutrition Therapy and the practice of the nutrition care process, including principles and methods of assessment, diagnosis, identification and implementation of interventions and strategies for monitoring and evaluation. (Tip: Students must be able to use the nutrition care process to make decisions, to identify nutrition-related problems and determine and evaluate nutrition interventions.)NUTR 734, NUTR 735 - Clinical Nutrition

NUTR 746 - Nutrition and Disease
1. Obesity Case Study
2. Cardiovascular Case Study

The Response of Inflammatory Markers and Intestinal Permeability to Curcumin Supplementation in Patients with Fibromyalgia
KRD 4.1 The curriculum must include management and business theories and principles required to deliver programs and services.NUTR 715 - Food Service ManagementSavor the Summer: Business Plan for A Nutrition-Focused Foodservice for Diabetic Youth Summer Camps
KRD 4.2 The curriculum must include content related to quality management of food and nutrition services.NUTR 715 - Food Service Management

NUTR 725 - Nutrition Research
Savor the Summer: Business Plan for A Nutrition-Focused Foodservice for Diabetic Youth Summer Camps

Cholesterol and Teens Grant Proposal
KRD 5.1 The food and food systems foundation of the dietetics profession must be evident in the curriculum. Course content must include the principles of food science and food systems, techniques of food preparation and application to the development, modification and evaluation of recipes, menus and food products acceptable to diverse groups.NUTR 756 & NUTR 757
Food Science & Environment Lecture and Lab
Analysis of Black Bean as Fat Replacers in Gluten Free Brownies

Below are some materials, such as flyers and brochures, that I developed for class for various projects.

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