Conferences Attended:

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND FOOD SCIENCE: INNOVATIONS FOR OPTIMAL NUTRITION - Conference presented by the Sackler Institute at the New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY, March 16, 2014. 

REDUCE THE SALT, KEEP THE FLAVOR - Presented by the Public Health Institute, February 18, 2015.

Work Experiences

 Nutrition Education Teacher, City Harvest, New York, NY   

 June 2014 – Present

With City Harvest, I lead nutrition education activities in courses geared towards children, teens and families. In this role I set up class before students arrive with the help of one or two other volunteers. We start off class discussing the days healthy recipes and students get to work chopping and measuring. As the chef finishes the meal, the class and I move on to the days lesson. These begin with basic nutrition concepts like food groups and progress to shopping strategies and substitutions to make meals healthier. Some of the activities are especially engaging such as "Sugar Sugar" where students pick a soda or drink they enjoy and then measure out the teaspoons of sugar in their drink. Similarly, "Blubber Burger" is a demonstration of fat contained in a fast food meal of their choice. You can do these calculations yourself by dividing the grams of sugar or fat in your meal by 4 and scooping sugar or Crisco into a cup or glass.

Intern with Alissa Rumsey, RDN, Media Spokesperson for the New York City area, New York, NY

February 2015 – Present

Currently assisting Alissa Rumsey, RDN in her work as a private practitioner as well as Media Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Projects have included research for media correspondences and meal plans.

Intern in Nutrition Services, Chester County Community Hospital, Chester County, PA   

January 2012 – May 2012

At Chester County Community Hospital, I would run rounds on the floor in the morning before menus were due. I would consult with patients about their dietary requirements and recommendations during their hospital stays. Additionally I would help patients fill out menus if they needed assistance and explain the exchange system with diabetics. After these rounds, I would help the kitchen deliver extra trays or educational materials to patients. 

Teaching Assistant and Research Intern for the Psychology Department, The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ  

June 2004 – May 2005                   

 As a teaching assistant, it was my responsibility to give supplemental course instruction during bi-weekly review sessions. I also assisted in grading course examinations and provided feedback to students. 

 During my time as a research assistant, two of my colleagues and I researched and developed a proposal before approaching a professor for approval. This taught us the art of researching, as well as research design and methodology. We proposed there would be more enjoyment reported based off the gender of athletes. We used the same sports dialogue describing a basketball game with pronouns changed for male, female or neutral. Participants received this dialogue as either a radio announcement or newspaper article. We found a statistical difference in enjoyment when participants had read or listened to a male game versus female game, with similar results for neutral, indicating to our team that participants viewed a neutrally worded dialogue as male.

Assistant at Joele Frank, Wilkinson, Brimmer, Katcher, New York, NY         

March 2009 – April 2011

At JFWBK, I worked in a fast-paced, communications public relations firm working with fortune 500 companies during the height and aftermath of the financial crisis. I helped maintain highly confidential client lists and contacts and fielded calls from reporters about our clients. This experience demonstrated my ability to work in a fast paced, intense and challenging environment while maintaining poise. It also taught me strong organizational skills and honed my work ethic and focus.

Model represented by Wilhelmina, Fenton Moon, Elite, Slides, and Why Not Models

New York, Paris, and Milan

March 2007 – July 2013

I began modeling when I was 13 with Elite models in New York but then decided to focus on school and college. After college I returned to New York and partnered with a number of great agencies, working on runways, in showrooms and shooting commercial and editorial print work. Print-work clients included Pantene,, Marie Claire, Elle Sweden, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Coiffure de Paris, and D La Repubblica Delle Donna. Runway clients included Parsons The New School of Design, Sheryl Crow, Koi Suwannagate, Lutz, and Ivanka Helsinki. I hung up my heels at the beginning of grad school to focus on my education. This experience taught me perseverance, to stand up for myself, and that self worth should not be based off the opinions of others or the size of your hips.