Can Lollipops Keep Nausea Away? - WSJ

I use similar ginger candies. Got me through some terribly long car rides.

The Ache: Whether from morning sickness, chemotherapy or a bad trip in a car or a boat, nausea is a common complaint.

The Claim: Lollipops in flavors such as green apple or ginger, or infused with a vitamin, can settle the stomach and keep the queasy feeling at bay.

The Verdict: While the lollipops haven't been tested in a clinical trial, some of their ingredients, including ginger and vitamin B, have been shown in studies to combat nausea.

Queasy Drops Joshua Scott for The Wall Street Journal

Preggie Pop Drops Joshua Scott for The Wall Street Journal

The idea of a treating nausea with natural ingredients is appealing, as many prescription anti-nausea medications have side effects, such as making you drowsy, says gastroenterologist Patricia L. Raymond, an assistant professor of clinical internal medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Va. However, she adds, there is insufficient proof that any of the candies are effective.via Can Lollipops Keep Nausea Away? - WSJ.