Chipotle labels GMOs on its website

Chipotle labels GMOs on its website - says half products contain 'unavoidable GM ingredients' from corn or soy

Chipotle has started adding a red ‘G’ for GMOs next to foods on its online menu that are made using ingredients that may come from genetically modified crops such as corn and soy.

The firm, which says its long-term aim is to “eliminate GMOs from Chipotle’s ingredients” says that it has started switching the oil used in its fryers from soybean oil (most likely from GM soybean crops) to sunflower oil (non-GMO).

It adds: “Where our food contains currently unavoidable GM ingredients, it is only in the form of corn or soy.”

Chipotle’s menu contains 24 items, half of which feature a red G. In some cases, this is because corn is a core ingredient, for example in the tortilla chips and tacos.

In others, soybean oil is a core part of the recipe (honey vinaigrette, rice, fahita veggies), although some restaurants now use ricebran oil (which is non-GMO) instead.

via Chipotle labels GMOs on its website.