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Caffeine Keeping You Awake? Eat This.

DECEMBER 8, 2012

One of my favorite fitness blogs is written by Icelandic Olympic Coach, Mark Kislich. Today on his blog, TS Method, he gives a tip for people who drink coffee too close to bed time.

Quote from post:

And here’s what I found, after a decent amount of research…seems that another compound called sulforaphane helps get rid of caffeine fast.

Now this stuff, Sulforaphane, is a main compound in…broccoli! and other cruciferous vegetables, I take it. Seems that this is the very thing that makes them so super healthy….and that will provide you with that ever important.

…so it looks like adding a good amount of broccoli and brussel sprouts can assist with sleep when caffeinated. This would be something to remember for those who train after work and drink coffee 30 minutes before training.

Link: Coffee Alert! Can’t Sleep? Try THIS!.

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