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While reading this I have a bowl of pumpkin with some cinnamon, stevia and ff whip on top. Mmmm! eat up!

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Pumpkin


Halloween is right around the corner, and for some of us, we’re prepping by picking our own pumpkins to become jack-o-lanterns in our haunted homes. But pumpkins also make tasty treats. So in this often high calorie season, here are six reasons why you should indulge in your favorite pumpkin treats!

Remember: You are what you eat, and in this case, that's a good thing!

#6 – Pumpkins are actually low-calorie

Most people associate pumpkins with their delicious Thanksgiving time treat – pumpkin pie. However, what people don’t know is that one cup of pumpkin is only 49 calories. The fiber content of the veggie is also extremely high which, in addition to other health benefits, helps dieters lose those extra pounds.

#5 - It can make your skin look better

The “meat” of the pumpkin contains vitamins A, C and E which help keep skin healthy and glowing. Pumpkin also contains carotenoids, or colorful plant pigments that the body converts into vitamin A, which helps prevent wrinkles and keeps your complexion radiant.

#4 -- Pumpkin consumption can decrease your likelihood for cancer

The same carotenoids are great in helping to prevent cancer and heart disease. These combined with other antioxidants make pumpkins an excellent food to consume if you have a family history of cancer or reason to be concerned.

#3 -- Pumpkins are good for your eyes

Pumpkins are packed with fiber, magnesium, potassium (more so than bananas!), zinc, iron and lutein – all of which work to improve individuals’ eyesight. Move over carrots, there’s a new orange veggie in town!

#2 -- Pumpkins have anti-inflammatory properties

High in beta carotene, pumpkins exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. This is great for people suffering from arthritis, muscle sprains, painful periods, and other conditions that may be treated with painkillers.

#1 -- Pumpkin is a superfood

There isn’t really any one definition for what a superfood is, other than the idea that superfoods are a type of food that offer more than just basic nutrition.Because pumpkins are packed with nutrients and vitamins, they are considered an important veggie to work into your diet. Just be sure not to load yours up with butter, salt, or sugar!

By: Jen Wolfe

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