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8 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Aren't

Wed, 08/01/2012 - 2:25am | by heather

They're fast, convenient and you've been sold by their packaging that their product is somehow healthy. But tricky marketing and packaging may be keeping you stuck eating foods that seem healthful, but really aren't. You can't Undo Unhealthy by adding a few healthful ingredients when the sugar, fat and chemicals far out weigh what's actually good for you.

8 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Aren't

1. 100 Calorie pack.

Calories have little to do with health. 100 calories of processed chemicals still aren't good for you.

2. Whole Wheat Bread.

Most of the time it's just white bread with carmel coloring. Look for Whole GRAIN bread and even then, read the label carefully. Simply adding whole grain to processed bread does not bring health wh

3. Granola Bars.

Most are just processed grain with too much fat and sugar to be heathy.

4. Trail mix.

Although the ingredients might be healthy, nuts and dried fruit are high in fat, and sugar and it doesn't take much to overdo it. A serving size is barely a handful and when you're hungry, a handful generally wont' cut it.

5. Packaged oatmeal.

The flavor packets are mashed and processed with added sugar and chemicals. You're best to go with the old fashioned whole oats and add your own natural flavors like honey and fruit.

6. Foods that say they're gluten-free.

They may be, but this is only important to people with gluten allergies and it does not mean the food doesn't have sugar and fat. It's become a buzz word that people associate with "healthy" but it means nothing more than there is no gluten in the food.

7. Frozen yogurt.

People go to the frozen yogurt places and fill up their cups thinking it's somehow healthier than ice cream but it's not. Some may be lower in fat but it has the same amount of sugar and sometimes more.

8. Vitamin water.

A frustrating beverage because the label makes you think you're doing something good for your body when in fact if you take a close look at the label, there are about 13 grams of sugar and a list of almost unreadable ingredients. If you look even closer, that bottle is really 2.5 servings so it's not 13 grams of sugar you're downing, it's over 30 grams of sugar.

The more knowlegized you are about what you're eating the more power you have behind your fitness effort. Don't waste your time with the wrong foods

by Heather Frey

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