I believe eating well, enjoying life and its indulgences, and keeping active are the best approaches for a long, healthy life!

Nutrition counseling combines my love of food with my passion for helping others in their pursuit of health and wellness. After graduating with a Masters in Nutrition at Hunter College, I continued at Hunter for the Dietetic Internship. My experiences include counseling a variety of conditions including diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart disease; teaching nutrition education classes to adults and children; and working with celeb nutritionist Keri Glassman assisting writing articles and managing social media. I am also the founder of www.nourishedbite.com, a website geared at breaking down the latest in nutrition and wellness news and research.

My love of the science behind food started when I was young. When my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer he began working with a dietitian in addition to normal treatment. He completely changed his diet and recovered. It was then I began to see the power of food and wonder HOW food affects us. I started modeling when I was 13 and continued modeling for many years. I tried to stick to my guns eating well and exercising to stay in shape, but saw the crazy diets of other models. I began to really wonder what each food did and why. After years of reading up, I decided to pursue my masters in order to help others understand the sometimes confusing world of nutrition and help to empower them to lead healthier lives.

I’m a member of the American Dietetic Association, the California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Greater New York Dietetic Association and am Nutritious Life Certified.


  • Yoga, surfing, running and biking enthusiast

  • Grower of tiny city gardens

  • Living in Los Angeles with my insane Jack Russell, husband and little girl